W5PDB Paul

TinyTrack with Kenwood TH-22AT HT

I powered a discarded HT battery case with a lighter plug and integrated the tinytrak in the case. The photos and the schematic shown do not agree. I built it with power being applied to an adapter from DB9 plug and socket pair and brought the digital interface lines out of the battery case. Then I had a better idea when I drew the schematic. I reversed the power and the interface lines by putting power into the battery case and by runing the interface lines from the adaptor. The interface line is a shielded cable with two conductors. The PTT line is on the shield and the two wires are the microphone to the HT and the speaker from the HT.

 The advantages are:

  1. Easier operation when not using digital.
  2. Power is removed from tinytrak when not using digital

Here are the pictures and the schematic:

Stage 1 Early stage of construction.Stage 2

Stage 3 First operational unit connected with GPS.

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