TV Signals from Oklahoma City to Jet Oklahoma

On Jun 5, I found the KOCO video (Jun 04, 2010 6:10pm) that the new antenna was activated. I see no significant change in it's signal at Jet except that I might be seeing slightly less fading than channels 9 and 13 during unstable signal conditions.
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Green- Accumulated Maximum
Brown- Live Signal
Blue- Accumulated Minimum
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The receive antennas are directed toward Oklahoma City 85 miles away. The VHF antenna has 10 db gain over a dipole and 45 feet above ground. The UHF antenna has 15 db gain over a dipole and 50 feet above ground. The feed line is RG11 coax with a 20 db low noise amplifier at the TV set. The FM band is attenuated about 20 db ahead of the amplifier a couple of quarter wave stubs. The elevation at Jet is about 1200 feet above sea level.

Update 10/18/2016:
In May 2016 I changed from the Kitz technology 20 db max amplifier KT-100VG to the 36 db max KT-500 that filters out FM radio to improve VHF.

Paul Blackledge Jet Oklahoma